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Falling in Love with the Right Rug

Falling in love with our rugs is easy at ABC Rug Outlet. Quite often people wander into our shop and are amazed at the selection of fine Persian or Oriental rugs that we have on our walls and on the floor. But this is only the surface! We have thousands of rugs for you to choose from that just requires a little time and diligence to find the one that's perfect for you.

At ABC Rug Outlet, we want you to fall in love with the rug of your dreams! When you find one that catches your eye, examine it carefully and always remember that it will probably have inconsistencies in more ways than one. Which is one of the more genuinely appealing aspects of buying a hand-woven rug.

As you're admiring the rug of your dreams, take a good, close look at it. Have Kami or Greg place the rug on the floor fully spread out so you can walk around and see it from all angles. Is there a balance among the colors? Are there any defects that need your attention. Are the piles cut evenly? Is there a harmonious blend between the colors of the rug and the room that it will sit? How does the rug look when viewed from the light side? How about the dark side?

When finding the perfect rug for your home or business, allow us to be your matchmaker!


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