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Oriental Rug Buying Tips Pt. III

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than matching the perfect rug with a customer. Each rug, as well as each purchase, is unique. While the final decision is usually based on instinct, there are a few things you should do before that stage is reached.

Before you go shopping at ABC Rug Outlet, measure your space and bring a diagram of the room with you. Pictures taken with your cell phone can be helpful, too. From the exact dimensions of the room, determine the rug size by subtracting two to three feet from those measurements. Bring this information with you when you come to our shop, along with your color and style preferences. After you've seen many rugs, you can select 2-3 candidates that you think are beautiful and narrow your decision from there. your favorite types will become apparent. See as many of them as you can so you can learn our price ranges.

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