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"How long does it take to make a rug?"

Unless one has created their own Oriental rug, it is difficult to imagine the amount of effort and time necessary to complete this artistic endeavor. Other artistic forms and their timeframes vary. For example, to create a finely crafted vase can take about three weeks minimum; painting a portrait is complicated, but on average it can take anywhere from a few hours to six months; to build a dinner table would take about five days or so; and to film a movie it takes about 12-18 months. When all of these works are completed by skilled and experienced artisans, the time devoted to it is time well spent.

Put simply, Oriental rugs require much more time to complete. In fact, it takes a team of 4-5 artisans to create the rug that you have fallen in love with at ABC Fine Rugs Outlet. Designers need to dream of views that are appealing to the eye and the soul. Colors need to be carefully chosen, the highest quality wools must be selected, dyes need to be created, and the loom must be in an optimal working condition to ensure that the designer's conditions are met. Once this has been achieved, these ideas are conveyed to the weaver, who will employ decades of experiences and skills to translate it into the rug that you are viewing.

Since rugs come in many shapes and sizes it is difficult to pinpoint the amount of time required to make one. For example, if we take a team of 4-5 artisans working 6 hours per day and 6 days per week, a 9'x12' Oriental rug that has 500 knots per square inch would take 14 months to complete! A modestly sized rug of 4'x6' (400 knots/sq. in.) utilizing the same team of artisans would take over 300 days! It's no wonder that Oriental rugs have been one of the most popular additions to beautify the floor of your home!

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