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Abrash is a Farsi word that means "cloud". The color variations is caused by using vegetable dyes on wool which causes inconsistency in colors.As rugs get aged, the variations of colors become more pronounced. It is mainly due to having rugs cleaned over time and the washing process over time will allow the wool fiber to release the excessive dyes. Just like when we dye our hair, over time the colors are released. Recently woven rugs use a technique to create variations on purpose to create a natural look and also an antique feel that as if this rug has aged for a hundred years. The variations are created either with vegetable dyes or various mix of wool. Now days, abrash is considered widely acceptable in a handwoven rug since it provides a wonderful look with multiple of color palettes which provides flexibility to match and flow with furniture fabrics. For the perfectionist who craves precision in rugs, abrash is considered less desirable.

Heavy variations
Light variations

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