April 23, 2020

Rugs carry thousands of years of culture and history from Iran to India, Russia, Turkey through the silk road. The weavers weave each rug with his or her own story along with the designs that are passed on generation-by-generation. Anyone acquiring one will want to preserve that bit of their heritage as best they can. There are, however, many things that can harm a rug. Here are just a few things you may find on your antique rug.


Wear Patterns


Antiques were useful items of furniture before they were beautiful works of art. Most rugs from our ancestors have been used with heavy walking traffic with shoes on. This heavy traffic thins out patches of fabric and leaves faded spots. The rugs will definitely need restoration by experts to smooth out the bald patches.


Fading From The Sun


If the rug was placed in a room with lots of UV rays for years, the color of the fabric may have started to fade. The fabric will also lose some of its strength. A rug specialist can bring back the original color with different methods upon inspection. Fortunately, you can prevent further damage by rotating the rug at least once a year.  You can also have window tin