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You want to look for a company that provides the best method of cleaning and repair. Since 1995 we have perfected our techniques using the traditional method, by hand and no high tech machines. Our method uses organic shampoo with no toxins and chemicals that could be harmful to your rugs and your health.  There is no need for harsh chemicals. It is the last thing you need in your home!  Stain removal of all kinds is offered: Beverages, Blood, Bodily Fluids (urine and feces), Brown/Yellow Discoloration, Butter, Candle Wax, Chocolate, Cosmetics, Crayon, Dairy Products, Deodorants, Dye Transfer, Egg, Fruit Juice, Grass, Gravy, Grease, Oil, Ice Cream, Ink, Lipstick, Maple Syrup, Mayonnaise, Mildew, Milk, Mud, Mustard, Nail Polish, Paint, Perfume, Perspiration, Pine, Resin, Scorch, Shoe Polish, Soft Drinks, Tar, Tobacco, Typewriter Correction Fluid, Tomato, Watermelon, Wine.


We offer expert repair services for any type of Persian, Oriental, European, Chinese rugs. We include all types of flat weave, kilim, American-Indian, Bessarabian and needlepoint rugs.  We have a huge yarn inventory that assures proper wool and color matching. Turnaround time depends on many factors and the easier repairs can be accommodated within two weeks. More complex repairs would take much longer.


We also cut rug pads to any size and lay them along with completed restoration work.  No project is too large, either in number of items or in individual sizes , and none is too difficult. Problem pieces are welcomed and no challenge is rejected.


Rates are competitive and all work is guaranteed. Client satisfaction is our primary goal.

Free pick-up and delivery is available within the Washington Metropolitan Area. If you are farther away, we can arrange for economical shipping using FedEx or UPS. FedEx or UPS will pick up your rugs and deliver to us for cleaning and repair. Once they are completed and pass through our though inspection, they are packaged and shipped back to you. Upon request, rugs can be insured with FedEx or UP during the round trip transportation.



This is the first and most important step in rug cleaning. The dust, soil, and dirt must be removed from within the knots. This image shows husband and wife working together. While she beats the rug, he lifts the rug and remains underneath as the debris falls down upon him. Our modern process is similar by agitating the rug and to loosen the dirt from the knots completely.



The second step is to shampoo using all natural organic product with no harsh chemicals. All stains can be removed. We attempt to treat or remove the stains prior to the shampoo. Depending on the type of stain, some stains are permanent. The damage might have  rapidly penetrated and penetrated the wool fiber. There are other alternatives available to address these issues. The most common method is to use a fine brush and color the affected area with vegetable dyes. This a delicate and time consuming process.



All rug damage can be repaired.  We are able to provide an expert opinion regarding best restoration practices based on the value of the rug.